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The curriculum is based on the principle that children learn best through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas.The objective of learning is to impart Sense of Self, Social Relations, Creative Representation, Movement, Rhythm, Communication and Language, Exploring Objects, Early Quantity and Number, Space, Time.

Play Group

Play Group is the first step of the little one into the world of learning. So the emphasis is to create a happy and lovable environment where these little ones love and enjoy learning. We help them to explore, observe, understand & learn the surroundings through fun ways.It includes English, Math Counting, General Awareness, Phonics, Colouring and lot more fun activities that keep them engaged.



By now the little ones are already exposed to the basics. So here in Nursery they extend their learning skills through a series of new techniques like reading, writing, identification, problem solving and other activities. We encourage kids to participate as they get exposed to festivals celebrated in India. Also to special days such as Colours Day, Fruit day etc.


Kinder Garten

Our kids are now ready to take a big leap in learning as they have completed many levels of basics. They are exposed to reading, writing and identification skills. In kindergarten we help them to further improve language, maths, general awareness and analytical abilities etc.

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